Do you really want an intern?

Before you post the ad for that exciting internship at your startup, let’s make sure an intern is right for you. If you have never had an intern, then you want to be very careful hiring your first one. Interns can be a great asset to your startup. They are cheap labor and can bring fresh ideas and youthful energy. At the same time, if you are not prepared for an intern, they can be a time-sucking thorn in your side.

Have you clearly defined the type of help you need? Will you be able to get an intern who already has the skills to do the job? Is there a professor working with the intern who can help train him or her? Or, would it be faster to just do the work yourself, instead of training someone to do it? Far too often, people get interns and either see them as cheap labor, or expect more than the intern can deliver.

The best internships are well defined and offer the opportunity for the intern to either complete a specific project or they have relatively repetitive tasks that are usually handled by a professional. Either of these experience will give your intern an opportunity to experience a slice of professional life. If you have your intern only fetching coffee, filing papers, and answering phones neither of you will be satisfied with the experience.

There are some good guide for creating a good internship:
Employer-Guide-Good-Internships-are-Good-Business guide to creating a powerful internship program

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