Beware of the psychic vampire


When you are starting a business, it is important to surround yourself with positive and supportive people. You want people who will be honest with you, but you don’t want people who suck the living life out of you.

Even if you have never heard the term psychic vampire used to describe a person, chances are you have met one. A psychic vampire can be your neighbor, your coworker, or even a family member. I am not talking about a vicious person who will bite you in the neck at the first opening – well, not literally anyway. The psychic vampire very slowly sucks the blood and energy from you with each encounter.

This is not the somewhat lovable but annoying friend who complains about one small ailment or life tragedy after another and leaves you feeling slightly depressed. This less than endearing phrase is reserved for the individual who seems to make it a mission to drain you of your energy on an almost daily basis. The psychic vampire is determined to get into your inner circle. This person seeks to be your best friend until eventually you feel held hostage to the effect they are having on your well-being.

You not only become their problem-solver and their confidante, but you also feel like the therapist and the physician. If they have a problem it is yours to solve and the catch is you can’t solve it. Psychic vampires not only want you to take on their problems but want to assist in making you feeling miserable in your own right. It is important for the psychic vampire to share everything negative others are saying about you, your partner and anything involving you. Keep in mind, psychic vampires will tell you they are being helpful when they tell you the negative side effects of the medicine you are taking and send you information about every negative article or comment about your product, industry, or workplace. They want to make sure you are informed.

If you notice that each time you are around a particular person you feel tired, irritable and depressed, you might likely be dealing with a psychic vampire. Psychic vampires can literally be dangerous to your health. Day after day of fighting encountering a psychic vampire can be so draining that you may start to exhibit physical symptoms. If you are prone to hypertension, your blood pressure may begin a steady rise. You may start having headaches, stomach aches, or feeling flu-like symptoms even though you are usually healthy. Maybe you feel more tired than usual and your motivation is diminished. You may even feel your effectiveness or enthusiasm dwindle as your self-confidence is slowly being eroded.

How to Spot a Psychic Vampire

If you are in an office space or live in a neighborhood where a psychic vampire is on the prey, you need to know the warning signs.

Psychic vampires are regularly seen socializing. At work, they spend a lot of time away from their desk sitting with others for what seems like hours or they have someone at their work station most of the day. You have probably wondered how this person gets anything done. These vampires feel their invaluable gift of gossip, complaint and psychic consumption is a part of their gift to the universe. In fact, one of the psychic vampire’s typical complaints is how overworked they are. After all, draining another’s psyche takes time and energy and deserves optimal compensation.

The Psychic Vampire is great at making friends, they will sympathize and socialize and draw themselves into the inner circle of several people. At first you might be a bit envious and even wonder how they manage to know so much about people in such a short time. But then the pattern starts, the vampire begins losing friends, one at a time. They say things that cause others to doubt their own motives or actions. They expect undying loyalty and for others to stand up for them even when they are clearly wrong. They become unreasonably angry and often vicious if their “friends” disagree with them. They stand for “right” even when right is obviously wrong and they love to be the voice of dissent. The psychic vampire starts slowly, but can single-handedly bring down the moral of an entire family, office space, or organization.

“When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time.” ~ Maya Angelou

Oddly enough, you might be able to take clues from the vampire’s environment. Not all, but many psychic vampires are fascinated with dreary surrealism and sometimes things that can only be described as strange. I once knew a psychic vampire who had a collection of small plastic insects, rodents and reptiles. This is not to say that all bug collectors are psychic vampires, but if the work environment is a bit dark and off-beat it might be one small clue.

Protecting Yourself from the Vampire’s Bite

As you well know from the vampire legends, vampires can appear as charming and normal human beings. So initially spotting a psychic vampire can be difficult. The best way to protect yourself from the bite of a psychic vampire is to always be on guard. Remember, vampires cannot attack unless they get close to your psyche. Keep in mind, unless you are aware, they might have the power to draw you to them. Be friendly when meeting someone new, embrace them, but don’t share too much personal information and don’t share your negative feelings about common acquaintances. If you spot a psychic vampire, make it a point to keep your distance, don’t let them know anything. Keep all conversation cordial, superficial and most importantly short. If you hire a psychic vampire or even suspect you have hired one, end her relationship with your company as quickly as possible.

There is no vaccine against the psychic vampire’s bite. As with any parasitic infection the healthier your immune system-in this case, the healthier your psyche-the better your chances are of warding off the psychic vampire’s bite. Psychic vampires are on the prey and will repeatedly attack a weak psyche.

Treating Your Wounds and Rendering the Vampire Powerless

It is important to realize when you have become prey to a psychic vampire. As soon as you are aware of this, cut off contact as quickly as possible. If it is a family member or you share a common work space, it might not be possible to eliminate all contact, but you certainly don’t need to engage in non-essential chit chat or invite them over often. Initially, separating yourself might be more difficult than it sounds. So, you may need to start with small steps. Keep in mind, you need to rebuff their attempts to gain access to your psyche. If the vampire begins to talk to you about someone else, resist the desire to hear the gossip and tell them you aren’t interested in gossip. If they begin to tell you something others have said about you, tell them you are not interested.

Keep your energy up by surrounding yourself with the positive people. Set up your home and personal spaces in ways that make you feel positive and give you energy. Remind yourself of your own power and give the vampire lots of their own space. When forced to be in the presence of the psychic vampire, doing anything that keeps your spirits up is what will render the predator powerless.

When All Else Fails – The Wooden Stake As you know from the movies, the two most popular remedies for vampires are garlic and a wooden stake. You could wear a garlic ring around your neck and that might work to keep the psychic vampire at a distance, not to mention everyone else you know. In this case, it’s the metaphoric wooden stake we will use to do the trick. The wooden stake for the psychic vampire is an extremely positive attitude. The thing that drives this parasite crazier than anything is an absolutely positive attitude; one that seems nothing can get it down. If you find yourself caught off guard and begin to feel the fangs of a nearby vampire who tells you something negative about another person before you can get away, simply say, “Oh she is so nice, I love the way she…” and immediately walk in the opposite direction. Your goal must be to defang the vampire and save yourself from being sucked dry.

I have seen psychic vampires leave groups, neighborhoods, and even cities when they find that they no longer have power or prey. Stay positive, be aware and keep the psychic vampires away from your psyche with a positive attitude and healthy self-image.