You’re the Boss (for the newly promoted)


Moving from one of the gang to being the boss can often be a hard transition. The people that now report to you are, or were, your friends. You commiserated about how bad management is. Now you are “management.”

New managers often find it hard to claim their power. If you have recently been promoted or if you started your own company and hired friends (I recommend against hiring friends), it is important for you to clear the air and start anew with your former coworkers. Begin by having a group meeting. Explain that this change will naturally change your relationship, but you are the same person.

Maintain a rapport with your employees and continue to talk with them about things you have in common. If you had things in common before you received the promotion, you still have many of those things in common.

Discuss your expectations and never give away your power by saying that your boss is making you do something. Claim management decisions as your own. Once you have established that you are a fair manager with high standards you will gain the respect of your employees. After your full group meeting, have a meeting with each person that reports to you. Set joint expectations and discuss any concerns.

If there is a performance problem, deal with it swiftly. Be consistent, be fair and be discreet. If you do these things you will be appreciated and respected. And the most important thing to remember is to ask for help. If you don’t know how to handle a situation, ask for help and advice from your manager or Human Resources. Asking for help is the sign of a confident leader.


Congratulations on your promotion and best of luck in your new position.