“I wish I’d worked with My HR Expert before I hired my first employee 

She advised me on hiring, onboarding, and firing and more.

I had a nasty situation where an employee hadn’t completed the electronic onboarding process. By the time the first pay period came around, we caught it, but it was very challenging. 

Because of her advising, I was able to put processes in place to not repeat the same mistake. 

  • Employee handbook, breaks, employee vs. contractor
  • Hiring paperwork
  • Added verbiage in offer letter stating that “offer is contingent upon applicant/new hire submitting all hiring paperwork” within 3 days.

Knowing I have Lesa Hammond in my corner with this expertise has brought a bit of peace of mind to my busy life.”

 ~April Fenall
   CEO, Piikup

“As a new or small business owner I felt especially vulnerable because I was wearing so many hats.

Organizing the Human Resources portion of your business is definitely not something you can do being a ‘Jack of All Trades’. MyHR Expert is the master of all things Human Resources, with their wealth of experience and expertise.

MyHR Expert has helped me build out the HR side of my business thoughtfully and strategically and most importantly understandingly. I’m able to run my business confidently because MyHR Expert has my back.”

~Vicktor Stevenson
  Owner/Operator, Gourmonade

As a services business, people are our greatest assets. As such, it’s important for us to find, hire, and retain qualified staff who are aligned with our mission.

MyHR Expert continues to be instrumental in our ability to grow the team. Lesa has helped us develop scalable HR processes to recruit for open positions, onboard new staff, and stay compliant with HR policies and paperwork. In addition, she has also been amazing coach to me, supporting me in developing the skills for leading a team as a new CEO.

Also, since our work entails supporting other small businesses and startups in their growth, MyHR Expert is our go-to partner for providing human resources advice to our clients. MyHR Expert has supported many of our clients in hiring and manage their first employees.

~ Rani Langer-Croager
Co-Founder & CEO, Uptima Business Bootcamp